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You can become a property owner for many reasons: an investment, the need to have a second home for short periods, an inheritance, or simply because you fall in love with a nice place! Being an owner implies joys, projects, love but also responsibility and costs!

Dealing with a mortgage, respecting the tax rules, a meticulous maintenance, paying condo fees... these are the issues that each of us faces when he becomes an owner.

Charme Holidays Srl is an Italian Property Management and Online Marketing Company created to transform the worries and the issues encountered by the property owners in opportunities and profits.

We guarantee reliability, serenity, but mostly we transform your expenses into revenues!

What we do exactly?

We take care of managing your property from A to Z generating revenues from short and medium term rentals!

We are flexible and we can offer you full services – maintenance, check in/out, cleanings, online promotion and bookings, website optimization - but we can also supervise only some specific separated aspects like the maintenance or the bookings.

For more information check our Property Management page

What are the advantages of our home Management?

The revenues generated from short rentals
The huge savings in terms of time compared to the daily management of the property.
The reliability of a professional maintenance staff
The guarantee of working with an experienced online rental marketing team
The tranquillity of renting your home to strangers only for short periods
The use of the house for yourself, for your family or friends whenever you want to
The contribution into the growth of the local economy

About Us

The travel experience becomes unique when you establish a direct contact with nature, people, culture and customs of the place you are visiting. A vacation staying in a real home is the key to interact with the inhabitants, to cook using local products, to deeply explore the location, to discover the customs and to enrich your knowledge...